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Castlebelle Cattery is located in Southern California city of Chino Hills. We specialize in CFA registered silver, golden and blue golden persian with nice colored coats and gorgeous amazing emerald green eyes. We are committed to breeding to the persian standard, and to the improvement of the silver and golden division of the breed. My Persians are my babies, they are part of our family. The number one trait that I breed for is personality! My goal is to produce the best possible kitten you can find. Excellent pedigree, temperament and health are the top priority to me as I feel that everyone should have the right to own a healthy, friendly, beautiful family pet, even if you are not interested in breeding or showing your cat.

My babies are my pets and it is very important to me that they are friendly, good with children, and affectionate. I am also very health conscious and have had my cats tested negative for Fe-Leuk, FIV, and PKD. My kitties are kept in immaculate condition, all in full coat. I brush my cats everyday, and this not only keeps them looking beautiful, but my house too. If you keep them groomed, shedding is really not a problem.

My children are very attached to our kitties and hold them everyday. It gives me great pleasure to raise healthy, happy babies that make wonderful, lifelong pets for the families I place them with. My babies are raised with love, care and clean healthy environment from the time they are born so that by the time they leave my home, my entire family has an attachment to each and every kitten. Please understand that I want to know about you and your family. Each kitten has their own unique personality and I like to make sure we always end up with a perfect match.

Thank You,

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